Portreath stage rallies 2024


Thank you to everyone who has given so much support to both the TSH and to the CARL SORENSEN RALLY held on 1 April this year which was organised to celebrate Carl's life, with the request and support of his family.  We have been honoured to do have run this for the second year running - after several false starts due to Covid.

As many of you have been telling us for years, RRH Portreath is not the standard it used to be and while we have been putting a sticking plaster - and lots of tarmac and concrete and days of hard work each and every year to improve the current state of the surfaces - it is a never ending challenge.

With the change in MOD's stance and subsequent multi-use by other organisations of the areas we would wish to use for any Stage Rally, SHMC no longer feel they can continue to maintain a decent surface to run two stage rallies here on an annual basis.

Reluctantly SHMC committee have taken the decision that in 2024 they will only organise one Stage Rally at RRH Portreath due to the venue conditions. It has been decided that as a flagship event, which has won numerous accolades from competitors, this will be the TSH Stages in 2024.

The committee would certainly wish to organise the Carl Sorensen Rally again in the future but like so many events these days, securing a good venue to ensure competitors and crews have a really good day’s motorsport must be a priority. As a Club we have a team of people who are constantly researching different venues with a view to run a good event there.

We know you will be very disappointed with our decision and it is not one we have taken lightly - thank you again for all your support and we hope to see you at our events in the future.

Issued: 14th MAY 2023

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