12 Car Navigation Events

The club organises a number of "12 Car" navigation rallies. These are a great way of learning the skills of map reading and time keeping. Many of the great Navigators at National, International and World Rally Championship level have learned their trade this way. You may have heard of Nicky Grist, Phil Mills - both served their apprenticeship in the lanes around south Wales and went on to become World Rally Champion Co-Drivers/Navigators with Juha Kankkunen and Petter Solberg respectively.

Our club has produced some top class navigators who are keen to help get newcomers started.

The events usually start at a pub about 9pm and finish in time for "last orders". The emphasis being on plotting the route going the right way! Working as a team, both driver and navigator have a lot of fun! It doesn't cost a lot and you can use a standard road car, fancy giving it a go?

If you wish to know more about these events held approximately 8 - 10 times a year please get in contact or better still join the club and come along to see what they are all about. If you are a beginner (driver or navigator) someone will talk you through it all and answer any questions you may have!

To enter South Hams Motor Club 12 Car events a valid Membership Card is required, you can join the club here

  • 2023 - 12 Car Regulations HERE
  • 2023 - Rally Championship Regulations for Experts HERE
  • 2023 - Rally Championship Regulations for Novices HERE


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SHMC Standard Entry Form

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Pay 12 car Entry Fee

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SHMC Navigator Training

You can use this training document to get a full understanding of navigation.

Compiled by event winning Navigators, it is a "Masterclass"!

CO2 and Climate change

As part of our commitment to:
•    The protection of the environment
•    Reducing the detrimental impact of events on the environment
•    Improving the sustainability of motorsport in the UK

We donate a small environmental levy from our events to offset the CO2 produced by all competing vehicles, and that of the South Hams Motor Club organisers on the event. We invest this in a local tree planting scheme to permanently offset the carbon produced and to achieve net-zero carbon for our events.

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