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  • RRH Portreath

  • Postcode: TR16 4RA

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CO2 and Climate change

As part of our commitment to:
•    The protection of the environment
•    Reducing the detrimental impact of events on the environment
•    Improving the sustainability of motorsport in the UK

We donate a small environmental levy from our events to offset the CO2 produced by all competing vehicles, and that of the South Hams Motor Club organisers on the event. We invest this in a local tree planting scheme to permanently offset the carbon produced and to achieve net-zero carbon for our events.

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Installing Solar Panels, Heat Pumps and Renewables in Devon and the South West

Welcome to Eco Nrg Ltd, your local, award-winning experts in the design and installation of bespoke renewable energy systems. We've completed hundreds of installations of Solar Panels, Air Source Heat Pumps, Vehicle Chargers and Battery systems across the South West of England, working in Plymouth, Exeter, Truro, Bristol and more. With over 50 years combined experience in the renewable energy sector, we're here to make your dreams of a sustainable future, a reality. 

We’re committed to delivering every part of your project to the highest possible standard, ensuring that every Eco nrg system continues to exceed expectations throughout its working life, as well as offering an unbeatable guarantee on all our products.

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