Autocross - Save the date

Save the date!

7th / 8th September, 2024

Join in the fun with Autocross

Autocross is true grass roots motor sport

Indeed it has a strong presence in the history of our Motor Club and while we have been running events non stop every year, venue availability has taken us away from our ‘home patch’ in recent years. It was no mean feat to source a more local venue again which we did last year (2017), and are pleased to be able to host another event in the South Hams again this year during September.

We really would like to make the event a highlight of our local calendar for all our members, no matter what type of motor sport brought you into the Club.

Join in the fun!

You can start to compete in Autocross events from the age of 14. As long as you have a Non-Race Nat B MSA Competition Licence, the basic safety gear of fire resistant overalls, gloves, crash helmet and a fire extinguisher, you can take your everyday car and have a go. Cars vary from Standard Road Cars, Rally cars, Lightweight Autocross Cars and Specials. If you are a really serious competitor it is advisable to trailer the car to the events, as this is an off road sport and things do break. But saying that it is great fun and a good adrenalin rush.

We will be running two cars starting side by side, with another two setting off when the first pair are halfway around the first lap. Timing is against the clock, so if you want that fastest time, you will have to beat the competitor alongside you into the first corner and then stay in front.

Sorry, no spectators but you can come along and Marshal!

While we will not have a permit to allow us to cater for spectators, there are plenty of opportunities for members to come along, get involved and enjoy the spectacle - be it for both days, just one, or just a couple of hours.

Marshals are needed both in the paddock to help line up the competitors to the start line for example; and out along the track to observe if they all keep to the track, advising for penalties if they don’t, and maybe putting the marker posts back up between the runs if (or more likely when!) they are knocked down.

If admin is more your thing, there is always help needed at signing on at the beginning of the day, or perhaps some competing members might appreciate some help in their paddock spot between their runs?

The idea is to come along, sign on and enjoy yourself - this is why we run events - for the benefit of our members of all kinds and motor sport in general.

  • Signing-On is from 8am Saturday, 9am Sunday, with the action starting from 10am both days.

Find out more!

If you would like to chat or ask for more details speak to Simon 07970 818083

Autocross action

Thanks to TelT Photography for these great pics.

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