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Green Webhosting

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Some information about the 1&1 Green Program:

1&1 Green webhostingOn 1 December 2007, 1&1 Internet started to supply all European data centres and most office locations with electrical power from renewable resources such as wind, water, or solar energy. 1&1's past and present electrical power provider Stadtwerke Karlsruhe will supply both its own 'green' power and will buy additional energy from other suppliers within the Renewable Energy Certificate System, RECS. 1&1's involvement helps to save about 30,000 tons of CO2.

Data centres utilize economical hardware and software

1&1 not only desires clean energy, but also wants to use as little energy as possible. Thus, for example, for many years 1&1 has used highly efficient power supplies with less than 20 per cent heat loss and omits any unnecessary components within its servers. As soon as the outside temperature falls below 10 degrees, 1&1 cools its data centre using open-air coolers that work without energy-hungry compressors. Software too can help save electrical power - based on a Linux platform, 1&1 has developed its own operating system that enables the data of up to 10,000 customers to fit on one server and thus saves valuable resources.

South Hams Motor Club is proud to host their website in such envoronmentally friendly conditions.

Our commitment

As part of our commitment to:

•    The protection of the environment
•    Reducing the detrimental impact of events on the environment
•    Improving the sustainability of motorsport in the UK

We donate a small environmental levy from our events to offset the CO2 produced by all competing vehicles, and that of the South Hams Motor Club organisers on the event. We invest this in a local tree planting scheme offered by local charity MOOR TREES based in South Brent, to permanently offset the carbon produced and to achieve net-zero carbon for our events.



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